Monday, June 12, 2017

Marriage Retreat

We just got back from a Marriage Retreat where Stephen was the speaker.  It was at Winding Creek Campground, which is where I grew up going to kids camp, youth camp, and family camp.  It has been years since I had been there, and I was instantly nostalgic and excited to be there!  Here are just a couple pictures I took this weekend during our "formal" date night.

Andrew and Erin

Kara and Dan drove up from Indiana to be a part of the weekend, which was super fun!

Friday, June 09, 2017

Anderson & Girls with Lynnette and Lara

Lynnette and Lara came with their kids and Stephen's Uncle Vic on Tuesday so that they could experience all the rave reviews we have been giving to Anderson and Girls Orchard!

As always, we see something different all the time, so more pictures of their animals :)

It's a baby!!!

Look how cute it was next to an adult Prairie Dog!

Hanging out staring...

Baby water buffalo

"I am just DONE" is what I imagine this monkey saying ;)

Albino wallaby!

All the kiddos!

Stephen, Lynnette, and Uncle Vic

Washing up on our way out!

Based on the angle of the picture, you can probably tell one of the kids took this one ;)

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Awards Ceremony & Teacher Pictures

I was able to go this year to the kids' awards ceremony at school!  Yesterday they both received several awards for reading, good NWEA scores, and Damaris was in Student Council and Titus was in Safety Patrol. 

Titus with his 5th grade teacher, Mr. Johnston.  AMAZING YEAR!!!!

Damaris with her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kilmer.  She had a great year, too!

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Mowat Family Get-Together

Lynnette was in town for a wedding, and since she lives in Canada with her family, it is difficult to get ALL the Mowats together.  There were several that couldn't make it, but those of us that could enjoyed a cookout and LOTS of pictures last night!! 

Stephen, his dad, and Valerie's daughter Lily

Stephen and Lynnette

Andy manning the grill

Me and Leah

 Stephen's grandma had dementia and is in a nursing home, so it was nice that should could spend a few hours with everyone!  This is her with Stephen's mom, and his sister Bethany's baby Darlah

Stephen, Reagan, Lara, Valerie

Family Picture time!
Kids and spouses


Our Family

 Fun picture!

All the kids and great grandkids

Time for some tractor rides!!!