Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter 2017

We had a nice service at church, and then my parents drove up to have lunch with us.  We had a great afternoon of relaxing and spending time together!

Pepper snuggling with my dad :)

I didn't get the memo to wear navy/teal/blue :)  But I still love this family picture!

I love his face :)

We walked down to the lake to let Daisy play fetch and swim...she LOVES it!

She is practically (and sometimes literally) shaking because she is so excited for us to throw it :)

It was windy, so Stephen got out our kite 

And yep, it got stuck.  And of course the neighbor kids had to come over and be a part of getting it out of the tree :)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Birthday Party

We don't do big birthday parties for the kids very often, but their 10 year birthday is one of them! Damaris was able to invite a few friends over to spend the night and have a fun day of her choosing the next day.

Damaris picked out the decorations and gift bags for her friends

She wanted homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches instead of a cake 

Kenidee, Emma, Damaris, Ava, and Halee

The gifts she got from her friends

Time for the goodies!

Silly string war

She chose to go to the Grand Rapids Public Museum as her activity

It is very interactive, which is fun!

Playing "School" at one exhibit :)

She had a great time, and I can't believe I have two kids in double digits now!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Kids Club

The kids participated in another sewing class at our friend's quilt shop!  It was during the spring break, and since I had to work, our friends Kurt and Jolena took them, which was awesome!

All done!  Their pillow cases turned out so good!

Playing with Kurt and Jolena's dog

He apparently liked sitting on Titus's lap :)

Monday, April 03, 2017

More Animal Pictures :)

Random pictures...again :)

The camera focused on the fence instead of the horses, but this little baby was SO CUTE!

Family Picture

I love when the wildlife start coming back to our pond in the spring!

Stephen made a shelf for the bunny, and he loves it!!!

Daisy still wants to eat Cappy :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Pet!

OK, get ready for picture overload of utter cuteness!  :)  We got a BUNNY at the end of February. He is a mini Rex, and his name is Cappy (short for Captain America).  He has grown SO FAST in just a couple week, I can hardly believe it!  He has such a sweet personality, and even though bunnies are not very snuggly, he likes to sleep on my lap, and I love it!

The cats were not so sure at first...Oreo just wanted to play, but I think Pepper wanted lunch!

Cappy didn't care about the cats...he was just curious!

See, doesn't Pepper look like he wants to eat him??

I love this picture, for so many reasons :)

Daisy definitely wants to eat him...even all this time later, Daisy goes NUTS if Cappy is out, so we have to keep them in separate rooms.  If he is in his cage, Daisy will just chill on the floor...but instinct is too strong when he is out, especially if Cappy is on the floor!

This is how Cappy sleeps a lot of the time...and it is SO CUTE!

Look how little he was!!!

Getting bigger!

In this picture I think he is twice the size he was when we first got him!

We had a pizza and game night at our house for CMU students, and this girl raised bunnies, and she showed us this trick...I have never seen anything like it!  I called her the bunny whisperer :)

I mean, seriously, how bizarre and cute is this all at the same time??

Are you sick of bunny photos yet??  Sorry if you are...I just couldn't decide which ones to post because they were all so adorable!!