Sunday, January 01, 2017


Christmas looked a lot different for us since it fell on a Sunday, but we still had a great day.

Family picture!

After church we got a light meal and then opened gifts...

Damaris's gift to Titus
(and yes, she is still wearing her fake glasses!)

Damaris's gift to me

Damaris's gift to Stephen

Titus's gift to Damaris

Titus's gift to Stephen

Titus's gift to me

Titus's Christmas gifts

Damaris's Christmas gifts

I had to include this little video...this was priceless.  I didn't get it started in time, so it is short, but it gets exactly what I wanted it to :)

When we were in Charleston this summer, every time we walked by this painting in the open market, Stephen would make a comment about how much he loved it.  When we got home I spent several days tracking down the artist in order to buy a print from him.  I really wanted it in canvas, but budget-wise I went with the print and framed it.  Stephen was SO SURPRISED.  I loved it!!!! I really wanted to include that video, because it is amazing, but it is too large for Blogger, so you will just have to take my word for it :)

We each picked out things for our big Christmas dinner...I made most of it ahead of time, which helps a ton!
Sparkling juice of course!

Meatballs, peas, mashed potatoes (this is a rare treat since we don't eat many potatoes), shrimp, Mandarin orange salad, and chocolate peppermint pie.  Yum!!

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