Saturday, March 04, 2017

More Random Pictures

I went with Titus and his class in February to a special presentation by the Grand Rapids Symphony for 5th grade students.  It was VERY well done and I was super impressed.  I am so thankful for the opportunity, and it has been too long since I have gone to a symphony or something like this.  Titus really liked it, too, which I figured since he loves music.

Friends of ours that attend our church own a quilt shop in Mt Pleasant, and every month they have a special kids project.  I knew both kids would love it, so I signed them up and away we went.  At first Titus was NOT happy with me...I think because of the stigma that sewing is for girls, which is so far from true...and by the end he was apologizing for his attitude and can't wait to sew other things!  Both kids had a great time, and they did such a wonderful job!

Titus with his scarf, making a silly face :)

Damaris with her scarf

I found Oreo one morning with a huge gash in her stomach, and so she had to wear this cone for a week while it healed was pretty funny, even though I felt bad for her!

She had such a hard time eating and drinking at first...poor thing!

I usually find some random pictures on my camera every time I download pictures, and I thought these were funny, so I had to share:

Damaris took this picture...I love it!  It is super artistic, and a great shot.

A bit crooked, but she did a great job with this one, too!  She caught the sun just right.

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