Saturday, July 29, 2017

This Week

This week started off with Stephen's birthday!

Then on Tuesday we went up to Evart for their fair where we watched the big draft horses pull.  The kids brought our neighbor, so the three of them were doing all the rides all night :)

Then we jumped on a few rides, too :)

Kaiden & Titus

Kayla and Lily
(Stephen's cousin, and his niece)


Damaris and Kaiden

And finally...just some random, silly pictures.  One of the games we had in our cupboards was from a yard sale...and underneath a part of it were "treasures"...really random, weird thing :)  One was this night of course we had to put it on Daisy before we put it in the trash :) :) :)

It was more hilarious in person :) She is such a good sport!

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